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About our PPG and the Primary Care Network Patient Group

Altrincham Medical Practice’s patient group: we would like to know how we can improve/develop our services and to best meet the needs of our patients. To help with this we have created a ‘Virtual Patient Participation Group’ (VPPG) drawing together a number of patients to help us consider the views of the wider patient population. We appreciate that time is precious and thus have created a process where we communicate with our patient group electronically, hence a ‘virtual’ group. Representative of our patient population, the VPPG’s feedback is vital in helping shape the services of Altrincham Medical Practice.

The VPPG has set up the following initiatives:

  • Displaying the amount of DNAs on website and in waiting room to try and help combat the amount of patients failing to attend their appointments. Policy implemented for patients who repeatedly fail to attend their booked appointments.
  • Changes to the way we offer routine and urgent appointments to try and help give patients more choice when booking an appointment.

And details of action plans and progress are listed below:

Altrincham Healthcare Alliance Primary Care Network Patient Participation Group (PPG)

We believe that patients are at the heart of all we do. We are establishing an Altrincham Healthcare Alliance Primary Care Network Patient Participation Group to enable patients to have an active part in shaping and developing our PCN’s patient-centred health services.

Our five local practices – Altrincham Medical Practice, Park Medical Practice, Shay Lane Medical Centre (Drs Kelman, Cranston, Naylor, Haslam and Connell), St Johns Medical Centre and West Timperley Medical Centre – have been working together as Altrincham Healthcare Alliance Primary Care Network (PCN) to successfully provide services to patients.

  • Working together enabled us to be the first PCN in Trafford to offer Covid vaccinations to patients of our five practices in December 2020
  • Working together enables us to continue to roll-out the Covid vaccination programme
  • Working together enables us to offer additional services to support our patients via teams of Clinical Pharmacists, Social Prescribers and First Contact Physiotherapists
  • Working together enables us to deliver a Phlebotomy service
  • Working together has enabled us to treat our patients throughout the pandemic

For additional information regarding our work please visit our website

While each GP practice already has a Patient Participation Group, Altrincham Healthcare Alliance Primary Care Network’s group is representative of all patients in our area, with a membership of patients from each of our five GP practices.

The overwhelming response from more than 1200 patients, means we will be able to rotate the memberships regularly. We are keen to have a face-to-face meeting and will be in touch shortly with those selected to participate. We are keen to maximise patient involvement in our future planning and provide a patient voice for Altrincham Healthcare Alliance. All ideas are welcome.

Please see the attached Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Altrincham Healthcare Alliance’s Patient Participation Group


If you want to be involved please send your details (including your name, preferred contact details, GP practice name, plus a brief description of why you would like to be part of our Primary Care Network Patient Participation Group) via email to [email protected] Alternatively contact your GP practice reception for further details.